Talent Management
for the Modern Age

Unlock growth by solving the problems of pay and promotion and improving recruitment and retention by putting the right people in the right positions.

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Support for the Full Employment Life Cycle

Make Informed Decisions, Keep on Top of Employee Relationship Management

Basis HR represents the full lifecycle of employment, going beyond human resources to create and management a true partnership between organization and employee. Check the pulse of your organization, and correct the pernicious problems of employment in the knowledge economy.


A talent management strategy forms the basis for organizing people around your most important goals. Basis HR will help you make deliberate choices based on organizational strategy, succession plans, and key positions. Learn more.


Whether you are looking internally or searching the marketplace, finding the right people is the basis for sustainable organizational growth. Learn more.


Placing the right people in the right positions ensures the best possible outcomes for both the organization and its employees. Search for the best talent within, and overcome challenges with the employee on-boarding process. Learn more.


Rise above tedious, subjective and ineffective performance evaluations to create dynamic, objective staffing assessments that measure what's important to your organization. Learn more.


Assessments provide the basis for continuous professional development in the areas that will have a real impact on the capability and contribution of your staff and your organization's mission. Learn more.


Reduce the cost of turnover and ensure that everyone is fairly rewarded for their contribution, protecting the bottom line while improving retention. Learn more.

Talent Management Made Easy

Manage talent by managing capability and contribution.

Basis HR processes are based upon The Talent Management Framework, making employee relationship management obvious and objective across the employment life cycle.

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Inside the machine

It's not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Beyond Human Accounting
The traditional approach to talent management might well be described as Human Accounting rather than Human Resources. Basis HR™ moves beyond the numbers, putting the human back in to human resources™.

No Software to Install
Cloud hosted. On-premise appliance available.

Concierge Services
We provide full support for onboarding and optional consulting and management services to make the most of your experience.

Exceptional Support
Our support fanatics are always here for you no matter what time of day.

Mobile Support
Fully responsive user interface allows support from iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

End to end encryption in a highly secured data center.